Kalorian Game Jam

Kalorian Game Jam

Introducing KJam #1

CØNTACT Systems' first ever Game Jam is here. It’s a virtual Jam, starting on May 8, 2020 at 12:01AM PDT, to kick off the release of our Kalorian community marketplace. Below, you will find the rules to the Jam, how to enter, and what prizes our winners will receive (hint: CASH!). We plan to host in-person Jams & meet-ups in the near future, but for now, we’re excited to get going - so let’s jam!

Why are we hosting a Jam?

The purpose of this Jam is several fold: first and foremost, as a gaming technology company, we feel this is a great opportunity to introduce ourselves to the Indie Game Dev community. We know this to be a huge and passionate group with the same goals and desires we have: namely, to make, play and share great games.

Second, as a start-up and creator of tools to help developers capitalize on a hugely untapped market, we thought this was a great opportunity to introduce our tools to a segment of the community who would most benefit from their usage.

What is Kalorian?

Indie Devs don’t always have the resources of AAA devs, so we’ve built a system that allows smaller dev teams to build games with a fully integrated marketplace that allows for maximizing long term playability of their title and increase engagement with said title … all while providing tools for Devs to capture a brand new revenue stream without over-burdening their players or implementing functionality like loot boxes or RNG items. (More on this later!!)

Rules & Regulations

Your Challenge

Build an HTML5 game in 72 hours or less with friends or on your own.

There will be a secret theme revealed at the start of the Jam and it will most certainly impact the style of the game and how you’ll want to make it, so make sure to check back here or keep an eye on our Twitter account, where we’ll reveal the theme at the start of the Jam.

  1. Kalorian Jam kicks off at 12:01AM PDT on May 8th.
  2. All SDKs, Libraries, and Project Bases are allowed; must give attribution to anything used that was not created during the Game Jam.
  3. All entries must be submitted as HTML5, any game engine is allowed but it MUST run in a browser. (Unreal Engine, Unity3D, Godot, etc.)
  4. Use any existing codebase you have! (yup, no need to start fresh!) Teams are encouraged to create NEW projects for this Jam, based on the secret (TBA) theme, but can use some pre-existing assets and code to help you get started.
  5. Feel free to use any game assets (artwork/music/audio/etc…) you may have created previously!
  6. All games must be submitted by May 10th @ 11:59 PM PDT.


The official theme for this Game Jam is -“LOOT THIS”. Your game should incorporate a minimum of 5 unique digital in-game items that can be unlocked through some gameplay mechanism (beating enemies/bosses, RNG, finding them throughout the game world, solving a puzzle, crafting, etc…the mechanism you use is totally up to you). Item times can include anything from armors to weapons, outfits & skins, backgrounds, consumable items...You name it, they can loot it. Whatever kind of game you create, it should satisfy the hunger for that sweet sweet taste of loot.


  • 1st $2,000
  • 2nd $1,500
  • 3rd $1,000
  • 4th $750
  • 5th $500

In addition to the cash prizes above, we’ll invite the top five games to be a part of our Kalorian Marketplace. To help facilitate this process, we will be more than happy to help by providing assistance with integration of our Kalorian SDK into your game.

Submission Details

Please include the following with your submission:

  1. 3-5 screenshots of your game
  2. A short video of your game being played
  3. You will have to upload a playable version of the game. Submit your game to itch.io, or, if the file size is too big, compress your binaries and upload them to a Google Drive (or something similar) and share a link with us. Share a link to your submission on Twitter, tagging it with @KalorianMarket and #KalorianJam.
  4. Instructions on how to play the game
  5. Upload must commence by 05/10/2020 @ 11:59 PM, nothing will be accepted after the Jam submission window has closed. On 5/7/2020 (the day before the event), we'll send an email to the address you provided upon registration. This email will include information on how to submit your entry for judging.


  • Registration All members of the team need to register, not just the team leader; we want to ensure all members get proper credit for their contributions and will reach out to each team member individually to deliver prizing
  • Team Size Limit There is NO LIMIT to the size of your team, but remember: prizing is awarded per team and is divided among team members


Games will be evaluated on the following criteria:

  • Fun The most important factor in any game (in our humble opinion): how well does it entertain? If your game is fun, you will do well!
  • Graphics/Art Style How good does your game look? Does it fit with the style of gameplay? (Remember, more complex doesn’t always mean better.)
  • Sound/Audio How well does the sound design fit the game? Whether it’s some ambient background music or in-game sounds, the audio can really help set a game apart.
  • Theme Integration How well did you incorporate the “secret” theme into the game?
  • Creativity How well you integrated the Theme into the game, and how it was used.
  • Game Mechanics How interesting & intuitive the theme was handled in the creation of the mechanics for the game.

Judges will review all entries within 1 week of final submission and contact the winners by EOD, 5/18/20. (We’ll implement community voting in future jams!)

Code of Conduct

This is easy, don’t be evil and keep it friendly. For those who need a bit more detail, "Don’t be evil," means make an effort to play this fair. Do not plagiarize assets, music or other games. Be sure to differentiate your work from games that may already exist. Don’t take credit for other people’s work and keep it Safe For Work!!


Ownership is maintained by their respective owners. C0NTACT claims no ownership or rights whatsoever.

Kalorian Market

Remember those tools we mentioned at the beginning of this thing? Well, back to the Kalorian Market and how it can help you and your gamers! First off, as a thank you for your participation in this initial Kalorian Game Jam, we will be inviting the top five finishers to be a part of our Kalorian marketplace platform. Kalorian is an online community marketplace that we’ve developed to help smaller indie devs monetize their games in a way that doesn’t take advantage of their players.

By partnering with us, you can expect our support in helping you integrate your game into Kalorian. Here, users can participate in community market sales, allowing them to earn money for unused, rare, or even consumable in-game items. Meanwhile, you, as the original creator of the content, earn a piece of every transaction.

With our Metropolis Dashboard, you’ll have complete control over which items can be sold, how long they can be sold, and more. The best part is: should you need any help, we’re happy to lend you a hand in integration with access to our existing documentation and internal resources.

Register Now


Our platform enables game publishers and developers to easily monetize the distribution of in-game items while allowing gamers to buy/sell these items in a safe and trusted marketplace. Our focus is working with developers who want to monetize their games without taking advantage of their players - funding future content and cultivating a more rewarding gaming experience. For more, contact info@kalorian.io and visit our website at kalorian.io.

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